A. Educational Institutions:

Establishing Schools, Colleges, and such other educational institution this will contribute to research, technology and business at vocational and academic level

B. Present Ministries:

1 ASHA BHAVAN (Children Home)

2. Rehabilitation Center for Addicts, mentally disabled, mad, homeless, aged and sick

3. Organizing health camps and make awareness of AIDS, T.B, Cancer and many other disease spreading consistently.

4.Vocational Training


We are publishing books and booklets on timely subjects. The aim is to make availability of more books in Indian languages, particularly in Hindi language


A place for needy and poor children for education & development

INTRODUCTION : Home of Hope (HOH) which is a unit of Good Tiding is committed to the welfare of children who have not been fortunate enough to grow up with parents in a normal household. Through this commitment we focus on educating the children in the Home and strengthening their moral and intellectual character. Pr Aniyan Samuel has inaugurated the home in May 2014 at Haldwani in Nainital dist of Uttarakhand. Presently HOH has 09 most needed children. Most of them are half orphan and the rest of them are from very poor and pathetic background. We are committed to educate and develop them.

HOH VISION: Provide an opportunity to the orphan and needy children to be educated and grown in God-fearing discipline.

HOH MISSION: Reach the unwanted and downtrodden children in India and make them good citizen.Read More...