Pr. Aniyan Samuel & Family Lizzy and Bency

Pastor Aniyan Samuel

Aniyan Samuel was born in Southern part of India in a Christian family. His parents were God fearing and they brought him up spiritually and Godly. He started witnessing people with the passion of Jesus Christ since his school time. He completed his high school and joined to seminary for further theological studies in 1983.After having completed his studies in 1986 he dedicated himself to serve the people of India as social reformer. He came to West Bengal and started social & mission works covering Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh border, Sikkim and other northeast states in India.

He married to Lizzy in 1988 and God blessed their family with a daughter, Bency in 1990. In the same year they had moved to Rajasthan and started social works among the Meena tribe. They also established a school in a village called “Kanotha”. It was a good training with so many unforgettable experiences. God led them to Delhi in 1997 where they make their residents till now.

God has been using Aniyan for the last several years in North India in different capacities as a social activist, educator and Pastor. He lectures some of the leading seminaries in Delhi and NCR. He wrote number of articles and is the author of three books. He has translated several articles, books and booklets in to Hindi language.


       Pr. Aniyan Samuel

Evangelism, Leadership, Church, End time events, God’s plan on Israel Second coming of Jesus Christ [The hope of Christianity] Book of Daniel and Revelation with the help of Bible chart mainly focusing on Resurrections,
Great tribulation period, Anty christ ,World kingdoms and its end, Judgment seats of God, Seven Judgment, Forth coming world wars, Millennium kingdom, Satan and his end, Hell and God’s eternal kingdom.

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